Youth Ministry


Our vision is to awaken a generation by revealing the reality of Jesus for the purpose of igniting, training, and equipping youth to impact their world for Christ. The reality of Jesus is His presence, forgiveness, salvation, healing, deliverance and His freedom.

First, we want to Awaken and ignite a fire in those that are spiritually lost and religiously apathetic. We desire to see a generation awakened to the love, deliverance and healing power of Jesus Christ. We are determined to see the lost come to know Jesus and the prodigals return home. We are passionate about igniting a fire in those that are religious and complacent. We are relentless at pursuing and praying for a nationwide revival.Second, we want to train and equip a generation to stand firm with shields raised and swords drawn. We are training people with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are passionate about developing Christ’s identity in each person so they will stand strong.


We work at helping to identify each person’s gifting as well as allowing the Holy Spirit to develop the character of Christ in them.

Lastly, we want to release and send a generation out to take back the land and to relentlessly pursue salvation for the lost. We equip and train youth to be passionate about seeing the lost come to Christ. We desire to see each person trained and released to help rebuild the natural and spiritual foundation of a generation and to take back their culture for Christ.

We train our youth for discipleship, evangelism and soul winning programmes. The church is extremely proud of the youth ministry and of its achievements. Our youth ministry focus on resolving and guiding the youth in their day to day problems by referring them to the Holy Scriptures. Call the office at (905) 457 7339 to inquire more about our youth programmes.